Established in 2006, Akagera Hardware & Paints offers a one stop solution for materials ranging from paints, tiles, construction material, chemicals, and sanitary products. Akagera Hardware & Paints is the exclusive distributor for Basco & Dura Coat Paints in Rwanda. Responsibility towards a healthy environment for the people called for an introduction of Basco Green Eco-Friendly Paints in Rwanda. Basco Paints is the leading paint manufacturer in East Africa; the company’s production capacity is 22 million liters per annum. To ensure efficiency, accuracy and quality Akagera Hardware & Paints has Color-Mania Centers with Automated Computerized Tinting Systems that amicably help clients to identify different colors with ease. Basco Paints was the first company to introduce an Eco-Friendly range of paints in East and Central Africa. Akagera Hardware & Paints brands are widely found in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC, Southern Sudan, and Ethiopia. Dura Coat Green Paints are certified from an independent lab overseas and the products are of international standards as they comply with the EU VOC regulations 2010. Akagera Hardware & Paints is the viable solution because we offer eco-friendly and affordable solutions. A wide range of products are available at Akagera Hardware & Paints, where utmost care and control are put in place to ensure good quality, color consistency and products that give good finishes.

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