Akagera Auto Zone (AAZ) was established in 2008 as the exclusive distributor for Chloride Exide, Bosch Batteries, Yana Tires (Sameer Africa), Bridgestone, Yokohama Tires (Japan), BF Goodrich (USA), Maxtrek, Wanli Tires, Exxon Mobil Lubricants and other accessories in Rwanda, Burundi & Congo. Over the years the company has successfully established the brand with a team of dedicated and experienced personnel and is now a major player in the tires, batteries and accessories industry. AAZ has successfully established over the years a large network, covering various segments like: dealers, government organizations, non-government organizations, transport companies, institutions, fleets accounts, end retail consumers and more. To provide convenient access and service to customers, AAZ has set up several retail tire service centers, which are managed by trained and qualified staff. The tire service centers offer a complete range of tire related services including fitting, balancing, wheel alignment, rotation and advise on tires.

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